The few and the many

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa

I have continued to work on the foreground of my Canadian Rockies painting.  I want the train to stand out, so am keeping the foreground colours muted and not adding any trees (there are trees on the original photo).

At art group, one of our members had been ill and Gill, with whom she is friends, was visiting her.  “I thought we’d have a whip round then I’d go to Tescos for some”, she said.  We are only a small group and were a bit thin on the ground anyway, so Maggie said, “lets use some of the club funds”.  “Don’t go to Tescos”, I chipped in, “I’ll fetch some from Blooming Marvellous, she’ll do you something really stunning with cellophane and a bow and card for the same price.  Plus, you’re supporting a local trader.” I was going to Tescos anyway, so I set off there and then, calling in at Blooming Marvellous on the way to order the flowers and picking them up on my way back.
Some readers may remember the advert for Impulse body spray “When a man you’ve never met before gives you flowers.”  Funnily enough, Impulse is something I normally wear anyway, and I felt as if I’d been in the advert as I returned to art group brandishing a large mixed pink bouquet.

On the art front, Maggie was continuing to work on some elves, Elizabeth (our landscape queen) had been working on a mountainous scene from Tenerife, and Gill had begun a view of some oriental gardens seen through a window frame.   This was something a bit different for her, as she likes to do still life paintings, i.e. close ups of groups of natural or man made objects.
Last week, I mentioned that I have a new smart phone.  This week, the word on Sky news was about smart phone hacking.  Rogue networks set up in public areas with wireless internet access such as internet cafes.  These networks can hack into your phone and steal your passwords then do all manner of naughty things with them.  The advice was for everyone to change their passwords, and not use 3G when out and about in case a rogue network picked up on your phone. 

I wonder what is done about this type of crime when a hacker is caught and sent to prison.  The authorities need to be certain that the offender does not have access to a mobile phone while in prison, as they could still continue with their dirty deeds.  According to Sky news, internet crime is a problem on the same scale as illegal drugs, which in turn, is the same as the tourist industry.  I will just have to stick to using my phone for phone calls and photographs until there’s a better solution to this problem.
One thing is for sure: we can't let the few spoil it for the many.


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