Here's to the future

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I have been playing around with the greenery on the mountains on the right, but blending it towards the left hand ones, so that the colours are more in line with the mountains behind them. 

I’ve added a “base” colour to the foreground, and will be trying different shades of green on top to see what looks best.  I mixed it to match the grass I could see outside, but at the moment , it “jumps out” too much.  I remember having the same problem when I painted a room at home what I thought was a delicate shade of lemon yellow – it was fine in the tin but on the wall it just looked too loud and had to be toned down with lots of white.  Kevin at art group thought it best to put the emphasis on the train, so that’s what I’m trying to do. It has taken time but I am “getting there” as the old British Rail advert used to say.

At art group, several members were absent and I had a whole long stretch of tables to myself, while the others sat in twos over the other side of the room.  “I will have to change my deodorant”, I said.

At home, I have bought a new smart phone.  It is the same size as my previous one but does so much more.  My old one was less than six years old, but was only good for phone calls, texts and taking tiny photos the size of the postage stamp.  On holiday recently, a smartphone would have been useful, for the apps.  Apps are short for “applications” – a tiny computer programme.  There are many different ones and they can be used for things like, creating documents or downloading newspapers or music – even astronomy –  such as following the International Space Station as it crossed the sky earlier this year.  I would recommend the BBC programme “Click” if you want to know more.

 This new phone will have access to all the Android apps, both free and paid for.  It will take good photos, and I can use it for e-mails and surfing the web, to an extent.  I can update my blogs with it too, in a basic way, so I don’t have to miss a week if I am away on holiday.  I’m moving the phone number from the old one to the new, and then I can start on my new mobile adventure.  Here’s to the future.  I am getting there.

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