Tenby Harbour 2

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
It's beginning to come to life now
This week, I have started to add colour to my Tenby harbourpainting, beginning as usual with the sky. I always try to work top to bottom and left to right, to avoidsmudging.  I’ve made the sky bluer thanon the photo, and the buildings seem to be coming out a bit brighter, but theymay become less so when they have the darker harbour wall in front of them.  I need to find my Naples Yellow, last used onthe Welsh sunset painting, to do the sand.

At art group, there was talk of a trip out somewhere forpainting on location, and John suggested the Idle Valley Nature Reserve.  His wife had been there and he commented thatit had a good tea shop, which seemed to be a selling point for Gill.  Some years ago, I used to go horse ridingthere when it was a quarry, and parts of it are still used for this purpose.  This link gives more details on the nature reserve:http://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/news/item/idle-valley-in-pictures
Elizabeth has completed her painting of Mexican hatchling turtles making their way to the sea. It is a special memento for her to remember her holiday by, but was a difficult subject to paint, particularly for trying to convey a sense of depth, there being nothing much in the foreground. Her next painting will be from a photo I’ve given her of some mountains with flowering foliage in front, which will hopefully be better from the depth/perspective point of view. Karen was working on a large montage of three tigers, a painting she had put on one side for some time since she began it, and had now brought out again. Gill was painting an owl and Kevin a close up of a human eye. Barbara had chosen a particularly difficult subject – some rocky land interspersed with greenery, while Maggie continued with her nymphs.
Montage of tiny images of some of the group's work
I have been putting together a slide show of thegroup’s work, for use at our Easter exhibition. For the past 2-3 years, we’ve had a continuous show on a laptop computer,but last time someone suggested putting the name of each painting on it.  I’ve therefore done this for 219 paintingsfrom several members, adding their initials to each one.  I’d originally planned to create a video ofthe paintings with soundtrack, but it seems a slideshow is much quicker andeasier to do.  We will also be able touse a stereo system when we hire the room so there’s no need for a soundtrack.  Now, if someone wants to buy a painting afterseeing it on the slide show, they will be able to identify it more easily.

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