Tenby Harbour 3

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The painting is slowly taking shape, with the latest housesbeing of muddier colours after last week’s pastels, as some of these are in theshade.  It is very detailed work and I amusing a magnifier to get it as neat as possible.
This week, I have applied to exhibit at a CreativeGreenhouse’s spring exhibition in Nottinghamshire.  I’ve been a member several years now andthought it was about time I took part in one of their events.   If successful, I will hear by mid January,but, according to the bumph, the closing date is also mid January (16th),so I shouldn’t have long to wait. 

Snow bunnies
At art group, Maggie had completed a painting of a fantasywoodland scene with nymphs and a carved wooden tree, and Sue was working onsome cockerels, while John continued with his pastel dog.  Jim, had returned after several weeks’absence, as life had been busy for him. He showed us a beautiful painting of snow-covered woodlands, with lightand shade depicted faultlessly.   I wishmy “snow bunnies” had come out as well as that. Jim’s painting had been done from a better photograph than mine, though.  “It’s my show winner,” said Karen as groupmembers gathered round and complimented him.

Karen herself was working on a painting of her mum, also agroup member, who died late last year (see my post “Tribute to Madge” of November 2011).   She was using an old photograph as Madge hadbeen quite glamorous in her youth, and I have a feeling the painting will be apresent for Karen’s dad.

Last week I mentioned the Idle Valley Nature reserve, butlittle did I know I would get to visit it so soon.  That evening, as it turned out, I was therewith the family, for an astronomy evening, as was group member John and hiswife.  My role was as chief babysitter,and it was of course too dark to observe any wildlife, but I can confirm thatthe visitor centre is warm, and very child friendly, with a small kids’ area nextto the café, where the toys and books kept our little one entertained for quitesome time in between a star gazing walk and looking at Jupiter through various people’stelescopes. 

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