Tenby Harbour 4

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa
I am on the fourth week of my Tenby Harbour picture.  I have completed the houses at the back ofthe harbour and the roof of the lifeboat rescue station, added the beach usingNaples yellow mixed with a bit of grey to tone it down, and have begun the treeon the left of the picture.  The nextstage will be to add the boats, which at the moment, have the Naples yellowcolourwash over them.  I often have towait until a wash like this dries completely until I can see the pencil marksunder it.  It is, however, easier to doit this way than to paint the boats then go around them with the beach colour.  I can faintly see the outline of the boats andwill be doing them next. 

At art group this week, Elizabeth was beginning a newpainting, of Scotland.  Kevin suggested puttingin some “carrot people” to add interest. “What’s a carrot person?” I asked. He showed me by sketching some little dark figures which could bedistant figures on a painting – and yes they were carrot shaped, with the tuftson top being the head.  You could do adog too, he said, “Would it be a sausage dog?” asked Elizabeth, keeping with thefood theme.  Meanwhile, Gill hadcompleted her owl and was drawing a glass of water for practice at drawingshapes, Karen continued with her portrait of her mum and John with his Irishterrier pastel.  Sue was nearing the endof her painting of chickens.
Two of our members had entered for the first ever HarleyGallery open exhibition, but unfortunately only one had been accepted.  The one who’d been accepted thought that someof the “reject” work was better than what was on show.  All paintings had to be entitled somethingbeginning with the letter “h”, which was a bit restrictive.  I didn’t enter, partly because I didn’t haveanything that begun with that letter at the time.  The Harley is a on theWelbeck estate.  It used to be a gasworkswhen first built, and has beautiful architecture which it would have been ashame not to preserve.  http://www.harleygallery.co.uk/
This week, I have a new link, to the website of CorinneLee-Cooke, a local freelance illustrator. The link is on the right, but to save you having to scroll down thepage, here’s another:  http://www.coroflot.com/violetlake

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